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    Introductions of biomass pellet 

    Biomass pellet machine can make the waste such as sawdust, straw, rice husk and wood barks into a kind of high density pellet fuel by several steps of pre-processing. It is an ideal fuel to replace coal, save energy and reduce emission, and is also of excellent economic and social benefit. It is ranked to be a high efficient and clean renewable energy. 

    Applications of biomass pellet 

    Biomass pellets are widely applied in industries like industrial boilers, home fireplace and biomass power generation and so on. Biomass pellet has gradually replaced industrial fuels like electricity, oil, gas and coal, and so on. 

    Part of finished biomass pellet production line 

    1TPH Sawdust Drying Line( Latvia) 

    2TPH Grass Drying Line (Russia) 

    3-4TPH Straw Pellet Line (Malaysia) 

    3-4TPH Wood waste Pellet Line (Malaysia) 

    3-4TPH Straw Grinding Line (Romania) 

    3TPH Sawdust Drying Line (Malaysia) 

    6-8TPH Rice Husk Pellet Line (Philippines) 

    15TPH Wood Pelleting Line (Brazil) 


    It not only can produce biomass fuel, but also can produce organic fertilizer. 

    Capacity: We can customize the different capacities from 0.3 t/h to 30t/h or even more. 

    After-sale guarantee: One year warranty and all round after sale service. 

    Unique after-sale service: Agencies for installation and mainte nance for FDSP are gradually established in South America to make our customers convenient and reduce the troubles about the after sale maintainance. 

    Project Description 

    1. Raw material

    Wood pellets can be made from sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or logs, any wood wastes or biomass straws, stalks, etc.

    2.Pellet production line process of wood pellet production line

    (a) Electric Control

    Electric control is always an important part for the entire production line. We will use Schneider electric components and soft starter, you can choose panel control or PLC control to realize easy and efficiency control.


    (b) Chipping process

    In the pellet plant before raw materials are made into biomass pellets, they are first reduced into much smaller, uniformly-sized particles. When the thicknedd is larger than 10mm or the size is greater than 50*50mm, a chippper is needed to chip these materials into smaller pieces.


    (c)Grinding process

     The hammer mill is used to further crush these small pieces into particles of less than 3mm in diameter.

    (d) Automatic Drying process

    After raw materials are crushed a dryer is needed since most raw wood materials havea moisture content of about 50%. However, the optimal moisture content for pelletiztionis 13%-15%. Therefore a rotary dryer is included in the pellet plant to reduce the moisture content. After crushing and drying you can begin making wood pellets.


    (e) Pelletizing process

    After crushing and drying the raw material properly it is then ready for the pellet mill. The pelletizing machine or press is the key piece of machinery in the pellet plant. It should be mentioned that impurities in the raw materials like metal or stone,may damage the die and rollers of pellet making machine.


    (f) Cooling Process

    Usually after pelletizing, the temperature of pellets is between 60-80 degrees and the moisture content is close to 15%. For storage purpose, a cooler must be used to reduce their surface temperature and moisture content.


    (g) Packing Process

    Finally is the packing process. In order to protect the wood pellets becoming getting damp and to increase storability, proper packing is necessary. Here we provide you with the best domestic Semi-Auto Packing Machine.

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