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A brief news for FDSP’s foreign clients’ visiting in May, 2017

The May of 2017 could be a rush and hopeful month for FDSP business department, because we had many customers from different countries visited us .

This month we have received customer from Bangladesh, Somalia and Bulgaria, our general manager, chief engineer and engineering technician in charge  received the customer together. As the different needs of each customer, we arranged corresponding schedule for customers to make them comfortable. 

1, Bangladesh customers visited us in the middle of May: They need 5 TPH soybean extrusion production line and 10 TPH poultry feed production line. We warmly discussed the current situation of Bangladesh market and how to consolidate and explore Bangladesh market in the future.

2, Somalia customer visited us twice in May, the first time is at the beginning of May and after around 12days he came again. What he need is the 3 t/h small feed modular set and we made s detailed discussed based on it. .According to the customer’s requirements for raw material, the engineer customized detailed process solution in advance, so we introduced the process flow, equipment configuration, equipment in details to the customer. Then we visited our company's manufacturing workshop, finished products workshop, machining workshop, electrical control workshop and our chief engineer made professional and specific answers to the customer with details. Customers went back to Somalia with a satisfactory answer and start the preparation, once everything is ready, the customer said they will place an order immediately.

3, Bulgaria client came to us at the end of the May, they intend to order a 5 to 6 TPH wood pellet production line.  After showing them the test running set of biomass pellet production in workshop and a nearby wood pellet production plant, the customers shows more confidence on our machine. In the whole two days, customers and his technical advisor discussed the technical configuration and process along with our engineers.

Although come from different countries, with different cultural background, but every customer speaks highly of FDSP. After all, customers’  satisfaction is the key point to make them cooperate with FDSP.