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A wonderful beginning--- South Africa and Myanmar orders successfully delivered

At the beginning of 2018, we make new contracts with Egypt and Indonesia, etc. This is a wonderful beginning. At the same time, we finish the delivery for South African and Myanmar order. Preparation works are going for our Indonesia and Egypt order. All these make a good start for FDSP new goal of this year.


Egypt order includes: one scale of Ring dies, rollers, and motors, etc. for SZLH420 pellet mill.

Indonesia order includes: Main machines of feed machinery, like SZLH420ddc+b2 shrimp pellet mill, SWFL110 pulverizer, SKLN6 cooler, SSLG20 x140 triple-roller crumbler, and SFJH110x2C rotary screener, etc.

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. We will work hard. At the beginning of China New Year, all the staffs are busy with the orders. The manufacturing center workers are vigorous and all staffs are full of energy, hardworking, responsible, and pay attention to the details and quality, which shows an advancing new FDSP face.

On Feb. 27th, we finished the delivery of Myanmar order, includes 30tph SZLH768b2 pellet mill, conditioner, electrical control cabinet, etc.

On March 2nd, we finished the delivery of South Africa order, includes one set of SNLH2.5 cooler, 1 set of cyclone, SFJH80*2C rotary screener, JFZ9 airlock, 4-72NO.5A fan. 

However, as referred by Chairman Xi, “We can’t be arrogant because of victory, can’t be slack because of achievement, and can’t be backward because of difficult”. FDSP will make the new achievement as the basement of New Year and try to do the “5 tops”: must do the top of the quality, must do the top of the technology, must do the top of the product, must do the top of the engineering, and must do the top of the service.