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Deeply developing Bangladesh market, Promoting 

Following by the promotion of “One belt and one Road”, the cooperation and communication between China and the countries from South Asia are more and more tight. As the important center of Maritime Silk Road, Bangladesh is the important countries who along this “One belt and one Road” line. Because of their advantage in labor cost and investment policy, this brings historic development opportunities for Chinese Corporations.

As the first listed company in Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science & Technology Industrial Park, FDSP shoulders the task of revitalizing national industry, promoting the traditional machinery manufacturing’s innovating, developing, transition and upgrading. In the recent years, with“the spirit of originality”, FDSP makes the quality of FDSP made, with “the spirit of innovation”FDSP researches advanced technology, with “the spirit of dedication”, FDSP supplies enterprise nanny style service. FDSP company helps China “One belt and one Road”strategy construction, deeply develops Bangladesh market, and promotes the one-stop solution for feed machinery project construction.

From this year, FDSP company continuously met many visitors from Bangladesh. The demand for extruded fish feed plant, aqua feed plant, soybean extruded plant and poultry feed plant are active. 

FDSP pay high attention to every customers' differentiated demands. Except provide former factory planning, we also provide complete production line for ourcustomers, including silo storaging system, raw material cleaning system, grinding system, dosing system, extruding system, pelleting system, finish product bagging system etc. We customize the flow diagram according to different customers' different demands. We design competitive comprehensive turnkey solution planfor our customers. We will build continuation, efficiency and safety FDSP turnkey projects.

Our chief engineer told the meeting: Sword 10 years, after a long time in research and practice and user's experience, FDSP constantly optimized the design and parameters of our feed equipment. In the view of practical application, we stick to R&D and innovation spirit, constantly solve all kinds of problems for our customers through countless adjustment and upgrade. We produce the equipment that customer really needed, which are well-known by its practicality, stability and high efficiency.
FDSP R&D department technology leaders concentrate on studies, upgrading the products, new type dedicated cutting structure, plug-in thin blade etc. are achieved quick replacement. Double-shaft different speed conditioner, with high cooking degree; dedicated rolls, main shaft and press chamber are more perfect, productivity increasing, the pellets with smooth surface, with best effect. 

SZLH-DDC+b2 high - grade aquatic pelletizer: suitable for producing all kinds of high-grade livestock or poultry feed.
1.Use double shaft differential speed tuner--Long curing time and high degree of maturation.  
2.The outer clamping device of the two-layer clamping device is insulated with high temperature and not easy to produce condensation water.
3.According to the customer's requirements, the compound tuner, such as biaxial differential speed, clamping, and quality control, can be customized

DDC+ quality control unit +b1 tuner combination: suitable for producing all kinds of high quality animal feed and feed for aquatic products.
1.It has a high degree of curing and high coefficient. It can be controlled by frequency conversion, which can reach 2-4 minutes and improve the degree of maturation. Tempering temperature up to above 95 ℃ , effectively kill bacteria such as salmonella;
2.The special structure ensure material advance first, the machine is less in the process and the operation is stable.
3.The improvement of particle quality and yield can reduce the loss of material moisture, improve particle quality and improve yield.

SPHS-S series double screw wet extruder, it is suitable for the treatment of aquatic product material, food and pet materials, especially the high-efficiency extruder of the adhesive formula materials.
1.Simple operates--PLC and touch screen control, and the bypass design prevents congestion, and the operation is simple and accurate.
2.High efficiency-- optimization of puffing storehouse chute and the structure of spiral vane, minimize the SME input, efficient DDC conditioner device and Jacket to ensure that the swelling is stable, to maximize the energy utilization, unique suspension type cutter, can be adjusted without downtime .
3.More flexible--modular cylinder and the spiral structure are equipped with various additional devices, which can be adapted to a variety of high-fat or high-moisture formulas. Temperature, pressure, density controllable, minimized reconfiguration.

After deep understanding of FDSP(Jiangsu Liangyou), Bangladesh customers are full with interesting, they are not only confirmed the order agreement, but also discussed the current situation and the plan for consolidating and further exploring of Bangladesh market in the future. Both parties discussed the cooperation and follow-up agency Negotiation.

Liangyou chairman said that feed machinery and engineering have always been the mainly specializing industry of FDSP,  we have more than 20 years of practical experience, serving more than 30 countries and regions in the world. Bangladesh as an important cooperative partner of the Belt and Road, FDSP will focus on its market for future good cooperation. In the future, we will step up the strategic deployment of promoting "localized marketing to develop Bangladesh market." FDSP is planning to participate in Bangladesh International Exhibition in March next year and is ready to establish an overseas service agency and we recruit agents in Bangladesh. We hope that people with lofty ideals can join us for promoting development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Bangladesh.