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Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. Listed Bell - Ringing Ceremony Held In Beijing

Warmly congratulated Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd, which is the first listed company in the technology industry park of zhongguancun in jiangsu province, held a grand ceremony boarding ceremony in Beijing. Liyang municipal government, liyang municipal government financial services office, related leaders of jiangsu zhongguancun science and technology industrial park and the Intermediary institutions that counseling company listing attended the listing of the bell -ringing ceremony together.

Jiangsu liangyou zhengda co., LTD. was established in 2003, located in jiangsu zhongguancun science and technology park, jiangsu province, which is at the junction of jiangsu and zhejiang province, covering an area of about 35,000 square meters. Company adhering to the business philosophy "honest government, winning by quality", carve the quality of "Liangyou manufacturing" with the perfection of craftsman spirit, achieve the development goals"Do pragmatic do fine industry, do strong do big business". "Liangyou shares" experienced fifteen years ‘across, 25 years’ precipitation, has been committed to feed machinery, fertilizer machinery, biomass, silo machinery manufacture and complete sets of engineering services, It is the most productive national high-tech enterprise in the industry.


Industry driving  coordinated development

Professional makes personalized, based on business concept of ”Sincerity makes trust, Quality wins market” , Liangyou Zhengda pays high attention to customer’s differentiated demands, customized every production line, make ”Liangyou Manufacturing ” superior quality with perfectionism’s craftsman spirit to create turn-key excellent projects and to achieve maximum customer values.

Feed machinery and projects: focus on human health, advocate perfect combination between “low energy consumption, low cost” and “automation, high efficiency” , design customer complete solution to produce clean and safe feed, and then provide society safe food from all kinds of breeding and aquatic products, at last realize one stop service of ”from field to table”.

Biomass wood machinery and projects: make use of wood, sawdust, tree bark, branch, crops stalk, and other forestry and agriculture raw materials to produce ”high output, low energy consumption” green new energy biomass pellet fuel with 90% heat efficiency to replace less than 40% heat efficiency traditional fuels, it will helps energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable ecological environment construction, provide clean energy to the world.

Fertilizer machinery and projects:make use of agriculture wastes, manure, household wastes, ect to produce efficient “organic, non-polluted ” bio-fertilizer, it will help to recycle waste materials and improve soil condition, promote cycle development of healthy organic farming.

Storage machinery and projects: applicable to grain industry, feedstuff industry, grease industry, flour industry, brewing industry, construction industry, chemical industry, port industry, ect, it can solve the problems with high labor intensity, large area covers, high cost, difficult storage, difficult control of humidity and temperature to realize large capacity, automation, intellectualizationstorage and transportation.

Pellet machine mould and spare part: Liangyou Zhengda self-produce, directional design, exclusive custom ring die, roller shell and other spare parts with different materials for feed machinery, biomass wood machinery, fertilizer machinery, ect, we also customized manufacture various pellet machine mould and other auxiliary.




Jiangsu Liangyou International Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd as the window of Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., ltd going to world. We take  Top Quality, Top Service as the target, take Creating Value for Customers as the service concept, take Self-development, Self-produce, Self-run Export as the point-cut, in order to custom mature feed machinery, fertilizer machinery, biomass machinery, steel silo and turnkey solutions for the global customers.


With the responsible attitude, Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd ensures the quality of our equipment, from the R&D design to production control, from inspection of finish product to sales of the factory. Our equipment have passed

the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, CE certification ofEU, Gost-R certification of Russia, SGS certification etc. and meantime our equipment have obtain more than twenties national patents. Our business covers areas of Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc. over 30 countries and regions.


The next step that we will start "Localized Marketing, Service Globalization" strategy, setting up many offices and agents at home and abroad, that will make us to be the best realible and stable cooperator to the customers.

With the help of this new opportunity which we have been listed on the market, we will maximizing open the entrance of finance and obtain sustainable capital. With the help of all social powers, we will continue to introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology, focus on research & development and innovation. We will shoulder the social responsibility and go into the international market with our powerful industry competitiveness. Let the legend of “Mind in China” go on, let Jiangsu Liangyou to make greater prosperity and let Liangyou to be the worldwide “Liangyou”!



Brand cohesion    Framing the Future   

The president of “Liangyou stock” made a speech in this Bell ceremony, the fast development of Liangyou relies on the national policy and local government supporting, relies on the help of insider and agreement of cooperators and also relies on each Liangyou employee who works on their posts day by day and year by year. It has milestone meaning to be the listed company for Liangyou, marking the development of Liangyou moving towards a new period. For now, Liangyou carries more responsibilities, not only leading the technology renovating of machinery making industry, but also having the social responsibility for promoting the healthy development of industrial standards.

The “Liangyou stock” successfully registers the New Three Board. In the history of Liangyou development, it is not only an important milestone, but also the new start and new opportunity. In order to realize the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing and service-manufacturing, relying on the capital strength and internet new idea, “Liangyou stock” will integrate the industrial resources, build socializing marketing internet, set up technology renovating and developing platform, carry out international marketing strategy, raise the product researching ability and brand effect, and promote the company core competitiveness. “Liangyou stock” will firmly follow the differentiation competition tactics of “Great Difference in Great Unity Society”, making the customers demand as the core, replying on the excellent high-tech products, making the whole life service as promises, continuously developing bigger personalized profit for our customers home and abroad, reaching the purpose of “Win-win cooperation and together development with our customers.